Sources and further resources

In the interest of open science, the project website seeks to identify useful sources and data for other researchers. As the project progresses, the team will list useful sources – in particular archival funds consulted during the research process. We also kindly invite readers to make the project team aware of useful sources – please use our contact form:

A historical survey of Albanian migration and Albanian minorities in Croatia and Slovenia seeks to reconstruct the main features of migration between 1953 and 1989 by drawing upon secondary sources and other documents from state and city libraries, research institutions and Albanian associations.


Libraries holding the most useful resources include National and University Libraries of Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia, located in the respective state capitals and regional centres.


Archives and funds which are being consulted for the project include

  • The Yugoslav Archives, Belgrade (AJ)
  • The Archives of the Republic of Kosovo, Prishtina (AK)
  • The Croatian State Archives, Zagreb (HDA)
  • The State Archives in Pazin (DAPA)
  • The State Archives in Rijeka (DARI)
  • The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia (ARS)

Fonds which shall be consulted include those related to the ‘socialist vanguard’ (the League of Communists and non-party socialist associations, e.g., the Socialist Alliance of Working People, Trade Union), security services as well as particular workplaces and municipal level materials in the archives.

Further resources

The Kosovo Oral History Initiative is a collective of researchers from different generations, nationalities, and competency levels whose mission is to record life stories that intersect with the broader history of Kosovo and the world’s events.

For material on Yugoslav labour history more generally, see a completed project supported by the Austrian Science Fund focused on labour and working class communities in Serbia during the 1980s.


Publications dealing with the research topic include:

  • Marijeta Rajković Iveta & Rina Geci. ‘Albanski zlatari i pekari s Kosova u Zagrebu: Migracije i etnicko poduzetništvo.’Studia Ethnologica Croatica 29.1 (2017): 279-304